We learn something exciting when we study some books of the bible considered by some to be apocryphal and for others deuterocanonical.

Why the debate, and what do those words mean, is not as important as what we can learn from these books.

In Sirach 35:20 CEB (Common English Bible) are words that brought me great insight.

Those who serve with goodwill will be accepted, and their prayer will reach to the clouds.

For our prayers to reach the clouds, we have to serve with goodwill. Merriam-Webster defines goodwill as:
• a kindly feeling of approval and support
• benevolent interest or concern
• cheerful consent
• willing effort

Serve is defined in Merriam-Webster as:
• to be a servant
• to do military or naval service
• to be favorable, opportune, or convenient
• to furnish or supply with something needed or desired

What this means is that for our prayers to reach the clouds we have to be a servant, in service, looked upon favorably at the right time, and supply a need; that is a kindly feeling of approval and support, with interest and concern, with cheerful consent and willing effort.

All of this is required just for our prayers to reach the clouds.

A soldier not knowing how to fight is just a person in uniform. A soldier knowing how to fight is always enlisted for the Kingdom.

David Peterson – Founder Pray for Life